Feasibility Study on Establishing a Titan Colony

The lunar expedition of Apollo 11 in 1969 is arguably the greatest journey in human history, incentivising scientific innovation and space exploration however, over 50 years later we are only beginning to expand our sights towards Mars. With researchers, companies and government organizations dedicating vast quantities of time and funding to achieve the target of 1 million Martian colonists by 2050, I believe it is an appropriate time to shift the focus towards exploration and settlement of the outer solar system – primarily Titan.

Being the only natural satellite with a dense atmosphere and liquid hydrocarbon lakes, Titan possesses strong evidence of potential carbon-based life. Incorporating this prospect alongside the moon’s habitable capabilities renders Titan a strong contender for future research stations, colonies and a gateway to interstellar space. Humanity’s efforts should be focused on such a future and thus, I have formed Corticera, an open-source group aimed at brainstorming, innovating and designing the foundations upon which a Titan colony will be established.

Whilst in our early stages, we are seeking an ensemble of highly driven and motivated individuals to take on the role of team leaders in order to cover the various domains involved in interplanetary travel and settlement including (but not limited to), architecture, agriculture, engineering and medicine. Through the utilisation of several social platforms including Discord and Reddit, we hope to create an environment which permits the coercion, connection and communication between one-another. If you are truly willing to assist us in forming the foundations of Corticera and rendering a brighter future for humanity, please contact me at (contact Us form )to get started.

(Photo credit: Thu Berchs / Pinterest)

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